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Platform Technologies

For every new treatment that comes to market, thousands of important discoveries are made along the way contributing to science in a big way. The contribution of these experiences in development of new technology is invaluable.
Research at Intas is ongoing and with some of the best talent in the Pharmaceutical Industry, our scientists regularly come up with innovative ideas to fulfill the unmet needs of the Pharmaceutical Market. The formulations include the following seven technologies:
1) Microspheres
Microsphere technology is aimed at developing formulations providing controlled release of therapeutically active compounds. Microspheres are engineered for controlled release depot injections targeted for drug release from one month up to six months. We have highly sophisticated and fully equipped labs for the development of microspheres and capability to up-scale the process for commercial manufacturing.

2) Employees Welfares
Employees are the most precious asset and that is why the well being of employees is prioritized at Intas. Competitively best remuneration is offered for the deserving expertise. In-house and external training programmes are regularly conducted for constant knowledge and skill upgradation. To make them competitive on a global level, overseas training sessions are also arranged. Periodic medical check-ups are also carried out to ensure optimum employee health. Performance rewards are given to achievers, to boost-up motivation.

3) Liposomal Technology
Liposomal technology is one of the key tools developed by Intas to address the challenges of undesirable physiochemical properties of drugs which lead to poor pharmacokinetics. Liposomomal formulations developed in Intas have displayed capability to incorporate hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs, good biocompatibility, low toxicity, lack of immune system activation, and targeted delivery of bioactive compounds to the site of action.

4) Sustained Release Formulation Technology
The expertise gathered over the decades of experience in formulation sciences has led to the development of several sustained release products.

5) Orally Disintegrating Tablet Technology
This is a Drug delivery system designed for rapid disintegration of the product after coming in contact with saliva ensuring faster onset of action. This technology is used for several molecules to facilitate ease of administration and improved patient compliance & convenient dosing for paediatric, geriatric and psychiatric patients with dysphagia.

6) Effervescent Technology
We have the capability to develop and large scale manufacture of fast dissolving effervescent tablets. We have adapted this technology to several molecules providing quick relief along with taste masking effect.


With a pool of talented scientists from world-class institutes across the globe and state of the art facilities, R&D is focused on developing high quality recombinant therapeutic proteins to address the unmet medical needs across the globe. The current focus is on development and commercialization of products in Oncology (Cancer), Auto-Immune Disease, Ophthalmology and Nephrology. Fully integrated R&D team has end-to-end expertise for biosimilar product development; ranging from clone development to the clinical research. Dedicated group for Analytical development and biocharachterization to support CQA and QbD based product development. A dedicated Quality Assurance team works closely with R&D to ensure highest standards for documentation and regulatory submissions.

Manifesto Research

We at Manifesto HB ensure the accountability, creativity and quality andthus, we employ the best pharmaceutical product developers andscientists and differentiated our design of research and development process into the four stages:
• Early Development: Early development stage refers to design a specific formulation, providing efficiency, defining dosages, assessing safety and developing an efficient manufacturing process.
• Research and External Innovation: This stage of research and development refers to identify technologies or products that could be applied to under-met or unmet customer needs.
• Support: Providing in-depth technical support for customers, partners or regulators, while continuing to evaluate new and better uses for products and translating learnings from customers back in to the R&D process.
• Late Development and Registration: Last development and registration refers to organize or conductthe definitive studies on product effectiveness and efficacy, human safety, environmental toxicology, animal safety and provide other needed or required information (such as product stability studies) in order to meet with regulatory requirements.

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